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End of an Era

Now is your last opportunity to book!
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We've lived a unique story.

Not many families have lived for over 20 years on the road. We’ve LOVED growing our family in the midst of driving, singing, and serving local churches since 1999. 

By 2023, three of our four children will have headed out on their own to write their own stories with the last one close behind. Our ministry will change at that point as we complete that chapter of our lives.

We want to serve as many churches as possible with our family ministry between now and May, 2023. This means that we are booking for all areas of the USA and Canada right now! Once these dates are gone, there will be no more available with our family ministry. We are booking concerts and special meetings right now. We are already scheduling 2022 and 2023.





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There’s Something Special about Family Ministry

Having a family of six serving God on the road is not only unique but also extra special for the churches we serve. While we certainly aren’t perfect, we’ve been privileged to provide examples to other families that you can get along and actually enjoy each other’s company! And nothing is better than a family blending their voices singing praises to the Lord together.


Time Until Next Scheduling Batch








  • 2021 Scheduled 50% 50%
  • 2022 Scheduled 4% 4%
  • 2023 Scheduled 4% 4%

Now is the time to book concerts & special meetings.

Don’t wait! We are collecting all of the requests and organizing them into regions of the country. Once we have enough to schedule an area, we contact all those in that area to set up a good schedule. We will try to accommodate as many people as possible. Once the schedule is set, it is difficult to change it.