We are excited to announce our first-ever LIVE album release.

Taken from some of the best concerts over the last three years, these songs feature some of the best-loved songs over the past 20 years. To find out more, click the image at the bottom of the post.

  1. Praise Ye the Lord
  2. I Am Free
  3. Complete in Thee
  4. What Manner of Man Is This
  5. O Lord Revive Us
  6. He’s in Glory Now
  7. Time Well Spent (featuring Lauri Lou Jones)
  8. Blueprints
  9. You Are My Refuge
  10. I’ll Pray Again
  11. He Lives
  12. All Your Anxiety (featuring Amanda Everson)
  13. Amazing Love
  14. Rejoice in the Lord
  15. Everything Is Better with You
  16. Don’t You Fear (with choir)