Obstacles Are Plenty, But We Press Onward


Do you ever feel like you are trying to do what is right and things only get worse? Here are a few obstacles that we’ve faced the last few weeks leading up to today:

OBSTACLE #1: Three weeks ago, while connecting our 5th wheel trailer to a truck to deliver it to our buyer, I injured myself. It was the worst muscle injury I’ve ever had, and it mimicked several other, more serious health issues. For that reason, I didn’t mention my difficulties very much out of fear it was something more serious. I couldn’t lift more than 5 pounds without reinjury. It made it very painful to preach and sing our final week of meetings, and I finally went to a clinic. I was diagnosed with extreme muscle injury and several infections. Praise the Lord I am doing much better, though I’m still dealing with it. If I am careful, I trust to be mostly recovered by the end of next week.

It was (and still is a little bit) very, VERY difficult not to allow FEAR to take over. What if this is cancer? What if this is irreversible? What if I don’t get better? I even heard a humorous comment someone made that “the energy it takes not to worry is exhausting!”

OBSTACLE #2: We rented a 26-foot truck to move all of our belongings from Phoenix to south Texas. When my father-in-law and I went to pick up the truck, they informed us the truck was unavailable due to a wiper blade malfunction.


They also had no other smaller trucks available. Other trucks cost nearly 3 times as much. So we had to make the decision to leave all of our belongings in our storage building in Phoenix, and pack our 6×12 trailer behind the van with everything we could for Mexico.

OBSTACLE #3: We can’t go to Mexico straight from Phoenix because I have to take the van we purchased to my home county in Alabama to get it tagged. On the third day of our Alabama trip, the check engine light came on. The codes all point to “transmission slipping/torque converter.” So, after inspection and counsel we set up a time to take the truck in first thing Monday morning to have the solenoid for the torque converter replaced.

So with the health/injury scare, the inability to move our stuff, the vague transmission-failure-imminent situation, not to mention selling our home (so we are quite accurately homeless), it has not been an easy month.

We even got stuck in the yard for an hour in the mud.

The Good News

The good news is that God is still God, and He has kept us safe. We have not been in a car accident. We have been able to pay for all the hotels and food the last few weeks because He answered prayer by selling our trailer. He provided a 6×12 trailer that we prayed for. We have a van that we OWN, and should be a good vehicle when I can get the transmission issue taken care of. (If you’d like to help with that, we’ve set up a gofundme page here.)

We’ve been having a great time on the road as a family, traveling with Amanda’s parents. They were originally going to drive the moving truck, but our van is big enough and they’ve been great company cross-country. They will also help us across the border next week.

I’m also grateful for people who use their gifts to help others. I’m grateful for my friend out west who is an excellent mechanic who took time to explain to me over the phone how the transmission works and what steps to take. I’m grateful for little blessings like doctor’s appointments when you get a good doc who really takes time for you and listens.

Realism, Not a Photoshopped Image

So we’d appreciate your prayers for us as we continue our trip. We are simply tired and trying to rest upon the Lord. We aren’t putting a “shined-up” fake image out there that we never get discouraged. Yeah, we do.

But perhaps you do, too. I’ve been trying to pray for others more instead of focusing on my own difficulties. There’s always someone who is struggling more than you and would trade places with you if they could. That’s a great reminder to me today.


Ben Everson for the family


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Ben Everson is a Christian recording & performing artist with a lyrical voice and a talent for a cappella music. He is also sought-after as a vocal coach and clinician on a cappella group techniques and vocal health. He has worked with a cappella groups as diverse as Pensacola Christian College and Duke University, and he has guest-lectured on vocal and recording techniques at Michigan State University and Maranatha Baptist University. He has completed 60 hours of study with the McClosky Institute of Voice.


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