March 11 Ministry Prayer Update!!


Last week I was in the parking lot of church when a friend came over to me. He is beginning a new Spanish ministry this Sunday in the east Phoenix valley. His comment to me was, “The Spanish-speaking world is in great need of good biblical music; I heard you were focusing your ministry in this direction and I am so excited you are doing this!”

I recorded two songs in Spanish of a family trio this past week. Hearing the smooth blend and harmony in Spanish was such a thrill to hear! I believe we can make a tremendous impact in the Latin world with high-quality music that is both Scripturally-based and reflects the good parts of Latin culture. I’m so passionate about this I was attempting to translate music in my dreams last night! I didn’t get very far.



We experienced a tremendous answer to prayer this past week. We sold and delivered our trailer to a buyer here in Phoenix! This was the keystone prayer request that makes moving to Mexico possible. We got what we were praying for out of the sale, and the deal is completely done.

Thank you for praying for this. It is hard to describe what a huge blessing it is to have that taken care of!


We needed a 6 x 12 enclosed trailer to take stuff in, out, and throughout Mexico as well as to transport our equipment for USA meetings each fall. We were able to get a great deal on one and we picked it up yesterday for $1250. This is another answer to prayer.


We purchased our truck 14 months ago planning to keep it for 10 years. So we got a really really nice one! But now, it is more of a liability than a help because of high payments AND because it will attract unwanted attention in Mexico. We put our truck up for sale for $49,500 yesterday. Can we sell it in a week? God can. Would you pray with us we can sell it quickly? This isn’t a make-or-break issue as we can also sell it in the fall when we come back out of Mexico, but financially it would be FAR better to sell it as soon as possible. If we don’t sell it within the week, we will need to work out a storage plan.


Unlike a brand new truck, a middle-of-the road generic passenger van is precisely what we need now. We have three leads currently. Two are in the $6000 range, and one is for $7000. We will be checking them out on Monday. With the sale of the trailer, we have the funds to purchase one outright so we will have no payments. Would you pray that the Lord would guide us to the right one? As you know, buying a used vehicle can be a game of chance sometimes. But our God knows what conditions the engines and transmissions are in!


Although we’ve loved being in Phoenix and it is one of our favorite places on earth, rest has been something we’ve not yet gotten much of. With the location and ministry change, we’ve been on our toes week in and week out. We are VERY grateful Amanda has not had any seizure activity, but she is extremely tired.

The kids have been working very hard the last few weeks in particular, and all four of them are sick with congestion and chest coughs. I don’t usually talk a lot about my own health struggles unless it is life-altering, but I have to confess that I’m tired on a whole different level. I know that many of you are in the same boat as we minister to others, whether you are in “full-time” ministry or not. Let us uplift one another in prayer for God’s strength to continue forward until the next rest stop!

We begin a week of meetings tomorrow with the good people at Berean Baptist Church of San Tan Valley, and with the family sick, I’m looking at doing them by myself. We appreciate your prayers so much that the family would continue to recover, perhaps even in time to be a part of the Tuesday night concert.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Thank you for your prayers. Many of you have also joined our Patreon financial support team. We are looking forward to much to finally resting some in Mexico and producing more music in English and now also for the Latin-speaking world. Thank you for helping us get there.


Ben Everson for the family

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Ben Everson is a Christian recording & performing artist with a lyrical voice and a talent for a cappella music. He is also sought-after as a vocal coach and clinician on a cappella group techniques and vocal health. He has worked with a cappella groups as diverse as Pensacola Christian College and Duke University, and he has guest-lectured on vocal and recording techniques at Michigan State University and Maranatha Baptist University. He has completed 60 hours of study with the McClosky Institute of Voice.