March 1 Prayer Update


March has arrived. For a while it seemed like it would never get here, but now it feels like it got here really fast! We trust you are trusting the Lord for each step in your life. He is reminding us of this every day.

Amanda’s health has been good.

We are very grateful to the Lord for this. With all the changes occurring in our plans and the delay in getting a more permanent home, my primary concern has been for her. The Lord has kept her from any seizure trouble, and for this we are grateful.

Ben’s Work with IBCS

I (Ben) have been working very hard on this year’s album for International Baptist College & Seminary. This year it is a men’s ensemble album, and I’m about 35% done with the editing. It is going to sound fantastic, and will be steps forward from the first album we did last year. I have about 2 weeks left to deliver the final audio, so I’ve been working 8 hours a day some days on it. That’s a lot of listening. Your prayers for me and my ears would be appreciated. I’ve also been doing some studio training of one of the college guys. Stephen Ramsey is the men’s ensemble pianist, a good singer, and is learning quickly.

Moving to Mexico

We are pressing forward with our plans to head to Mexico at the end of March. We’ve now rented a moving truck to drive all of our stuff from Phoenix to southeast Texas. Amanda’s parents will be flying in to help us drive the moving truck. Our trailer has not sold yet, and we have about 2 weeks left to be able to sell it while we are here in person. We’ve had two interested buyers, but neither one has been able to come through. Please pray we could sell the trailer. It has been paid off for a year, praise the Lord! We were hoping to use the sale of the trailer to support us during the summer and help us pay off more bills. I believe God wants us there, so we’re moving to Mexico no matter what; there’s no other option I’m considering. We both trust God AND work hard.

We currently stand at almost exactly 50% of our needed support level.

My New Vocal Course Has a Purpose

Did you know that it is taking some missionaries over 4 years to raise support? That’s not a good number. We are attempting to bypass traditional deputation and go to the field directly. We are trying to come up with ways to earn money to help us get there. My new vocal course, Foundations of Sweeter Singing, was just released yesterday, and all the proceeds from that course are going to go directly to helping us get to Mexico. If you or if someone you know is interested in vocal coaching, check out this budget-priced video course by clicking here. It can help your voice, and it will help us get to the field! Most video courses are $150-$300. Mine is $49. I’m trying to be a help as much as I can.

Travel Plans Reminder/Clarification


I’ve gotten a decent number of people contact me, wondering if their meetings with us were canceled because they thought we were coming off the road completely. So I came up with this little pie chart to help people understand what we’re doing. This is nearly the exact same plan we announced in October, but we will live in Mexico instead of Phoenix. If you have scheduled meetings with us, please do not assume they are canceled! If you are interested in scheduling meetings or a concert with us but thought we were not available, send us an email anyway!

Quick Prayer Bullets

Here are some specifics:

  • We are needing about $1300 to pay off Miles’ dental bill so we can take the rest of his Invisalign trays to Mexico with us.
  • Moving costs, foreign insurance & travel visas (We received $1020 toward this last week! What a blessing!)
  • We have found a 6 x 12 cargo trailer for $1250. We will need one both for Mexico moving and for all of our equipment for ministry in the fall seasons.

Thank you for your prayers for us. It has been a whirlwind of a journey and we expect it will continue to be. Praise God we can still serve Him!


Ben Everson

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Ben Everson is a Christian recording & performing artist with a lyrical voice and a talent for a cappella music. He is also sought-after as a vocal coach and clinician on a cappella group techniques and vocal health. He has worked with a cappella groups as diverse as Pensacola Christian College and Duke University, and he has guest-lectured on vocal and recording techniques at Michigan State University and Maranatha Baptist University. He has completed 60 hours of study with the McClosky Institute of Voice.