Eversons Headed to Mexico


We want to fill you in on some family news. As most of you know, we announced in October that we would be reducing our road travel time and finding a location to get a house.

We strongly considered the Phoenix, AZ, area, and we even made some plans for long-term living there. There are good brothers and sisters in the Lord in the area that we enjoy working with.

But we did not feel like it was ultimately the right decision for a permanent move there. We prayed and asked the Lord to show us what He would have us to do. We spent much time before the Lord, and an incredible amount of soul-searching.

At the end of January, we went as a family to Ft. Worth, TX, to participate in the annual Mt. Abiram Baptist Mission Conference. We asked God to show us during the week what He would have us do. The Holy Spirit through His Word brought a desire to impact mission fields back to the forefront of our minds in a real and direct way. I realized that part of my desire to get a house in the USA was so that I could enjoy the creature comforts that come with it. Comfort is not necessarily wrong, but I think I was really thinking about it too much.


To have nice things isn’t wrong, of course. But God did a work in my heart, and showed me things like getting to watch my favorite sports teams on television is not actually important. All the wonderful technology that I love and have gathered over the years are just tools to get a job done.

I’ve been a musical evangelist. Now, I believe God wants me to become a musical missionary evangelist. We are going to turn our ministry into a missions ministry. We are going to become missionaries. 

There’s even a logical place to start. Amanda grew up in central Mexico, in Aguascalientes. It is her favorite place to be, and the place she calls home. There isn’t a better place for her to be refreshed, and I want to go there anyway! We want our kids to catch the heart for international missions. I want them to be on the front lines of ministry – missions ministry.

I did not feel a mystical aura surround me with a sign in the sky that told me to move to Mexico. Instead, I greatly desire to go to central Mexico. I simply want to go there! Why not? Why not invest in missions? Why not go to the place you really want to go to anyway? If I’m right with God, and God’s put it in my heart, and it will meet the needs of my wife, and we can still do ministry, then let’s just do it!

So after we fulfill our responsibilities of recording the new album for the International Baptist College & Seminary in Chandler, AZ, we are going to head to Aguascalientes, Mexico, and restructure our ministry to become multi-lingual.

There will still be some “creature comforts” such as internet to coordinate ministry across the globe, great food (and healthier for me and the family!), a safe and comfortable place to live, sleep, and continue to train the family to serve the Lord in central Mexico. If I can have those things on the mission field anyway, why not go? What else besides that really matters?

We will be selling our truck and trailer, and getting a 12 passenger van. We would appreciate your prayers for that! That is the big prayer request. If we can accomplish that in the next 8 weeks, we are actually already ready to transition to Mexico. There is nothing holding us back.

If I can’t sell, I’ll go anyway. This is already Plan “C”. I’m not making a Plan “D”! But it would be far better if we could sell both.

There are myriad opportunities to multiply the effectiveness of God’s ministry once we are down there. What if I told you there are translators in 6 languages who are ready to begin taking our music and written materials and translate them? We’ve already got them lined up! And recordings? It is only a matter of time before we could take 75% or more of the material we have and sing it in Spanish. It will take more time and energy but German, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese translators are excited to help us. There is also an international airport a 30-minute drive away, so that either I or the whole family can take special meetings anywhere in the USA or the world.

All while benefiting from the more relaxed pace of Amanda’s hometown. You could even come visit.

God was out ahead of us.

This also means that our Patreon idea, where we raise money from our YouTube videos, was a providential preparation. We are not planning on going on any deputation, but moving directly to Mexico. We are praying that God would move on people’s hearts to pledge $5 per video through our Patreon program and that we could raise $2000 by April 3. We stand at $651 as of this writing. If 280 people out of the 6,000 who follow us on Facebook and other social media would help with $5, we could fund this entire musical missions ministry in 5 languages instantly.


Would you consider helping us in this way?

We are trusting God. I really believe God has prepared us for this step, and that He has incredible things for us to accomplish as we seek to multiply the ministry into the Latin world. AND BEYOND.

And we will still see you in the good old USA when we travel back each fall.

Resting in the Lord,

Ben Everson for the family


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Ben Everson is a Christian recording & performing artist with a lyrical voice and a talent for a cappella music. He is also sought-after as a vocal coach and clinician on a cappella group techniques and vocal health. He has worked with a cappella groups as diverse as Pensacola Christian College and Duke University, and he has guest-lectured on vocal and recording techniques at Michigan State University and Maranatha Baptist University. He has completed 60 hours of study with the McClosky Institute of Voice.