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About Me & My Family

(Hint: I love my wife & kids a lot!)
A Cappella & So Much More

I am so grateful to be able to use my voice in music across the world! I started recording music when I was 5, using cassette recorders (remember those??) to bounce my voice back and forth to make quartets. Now, I use computers to record all the parts. I also write a lot of music and use orchestra in my concerts. What a privilege to be able to praise God this way and encourage others!

  • Singing as a Family

    I have a wife and four kids. The whole family is singing together! This is a fast-growing part of our concerts and I'm excited about it!

  • Amanda

    Amanda is my wife and has such a beautiful rich alto sound.

  • Original Songs

    We work really hard at writing new songs that encourage people's hearts in the Lord.

  • One-Man A Cappella Orchestra

    The most unique part of our concerts is when the a cappella orchestra singing is done! I even demonstrate how I create all the parts! Find us on tour and come to one of our concerts!

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