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The latest album from Ben packs a punch! It includes dynamite arrangements of “How Great Thou Art” (a cappella) and the new title track, as well as the new favorite, “Don’t You Fear.” This is a must-have album!

Our Reason for Joy

People say we’re a happy family. We’re so glad that we come across that way, but we certainly aren’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect, either. How do we stay encouraged in our lives to encourage others? Let us share with you the reason!

Music Videos

Watch our wide array of music videos, including a cappella. Some are from live performances, while others are studio created. Get a taste for what we are creating!

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We’re on Facebook nearly every day. We love to hear from people around the world who are being encouraged by our music. Join the conversation!

About US

Ben Everson & Family
A Cappella & So Much More

For over 20 years, Ben Everson has produced a cappella music using his nearly three octave range. His smooth and clear solo voice combined with his harmonically complex a cappella "vocal orchestrations" are refreshing. Now, his entire family joins him, giving Christian concerts across the USA, Canada, and Latin America.

  • Family Singers

    The fastest growing part of Everson concerts is the whole family singing! All six family members sing music in harmony that lifts hearts heavenward in song.

  • Amanda Everson

    Ben's wife has a rich alto voice that is refreshing to hear.

  • Original Songs

    Ben & Amanda pen many original songs that speak to the heart. Songs like "I'll Pray Again","Don't You Fear", and "I Was the Thorn" are among the most requested.

  • One-Man A Cappella Orchestra

    The most intriguing part of Everson concerts is Ben's trademark vocal orchestrations of hymns and original music. Up to 50 voices, these songs are highlights of every concert.