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  • Video Crew in Wisconsin
    Video Crew in Wisconsin
  • Calvary Baptist Academy, Midland, MI
    Calvary Baptist Academy, Midland, MI
  • Concert at Barrie Park, Ft. Atkinson, WI
    Concert at Barrie Park, Ft. Atkinson, WI



My Review of “The Miracle Worker” Tri City Community Theatre

It was a privilege to attend the opening night performance of the Tri City Community Theatre’s production of The Miracle Worker. The performance began shortly after 7:00 and ran until 9:15 with a brief 10 minute intermission. It was directed by David Stertzbach and held at the spacious auditorium of[…]


Are You a Worship Participant or Just a Spectator?

The alarm clock rings. And rings again. And again. Mom and Dad stumble out of bed and cajole sleepy kids to scarf down their breakfast and find shoes. Kids dawdle, Mom and Dad frantically grab coffee mugs, and somehow everyone makes it into the car. By the time you get[…]


Singing? Extra Glass of Water, Please!

Have you ever watched a singer who was struggling to get the sound out? I always feel a pang of sympathy when I see someone coughing between verses, licking their lips and swallowing in an attempt to overcome dry mouth, or straining to reach notes that they surely could reach[…]