Is Your Face Betraying You While You Sing?!?

Have you ever heard the expression “your words say no, but your eyes say yes”? Sometimes when I see people singing in church, I’d like to say to them “Your words say hallelujah, but your eyes say woe is me”! When we sing, our facial expression should support the words[…]


My Visit to Pensacola, FL

We have had a tremendous time at Pensacola Christian College! I was able to sing all day on Sunday, sing and preach in chapel on Monday, and give a concert Monday night. It was announced at the last minute, and a lot of the students had to work and do[…]

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Does God Care About Screens in Church?

There’s a lot of debate about what kinds of technology are appropriate for church, and how those technologies should be used. Opinions vary widely on the topic, and discussions can get heated quickly. My purpose here is not to categorically tell you what kinds of technology you should or should[…]

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Let Us Write Songs for Our Persecuted Children

As the Titanic sank, ordinary people performed extraordinary deeds of heroism. Among those ordinary heroes was a determined set of musicians who had been contracted to provide music throughout the voyage. As the Titanic sank, they stayed in their place and played their music to the best of their ability although[…]